Fine Lines Treatment (Botox)

From £99.00


Fine Lines Treatment (Botox) is a purified protein derived from clostridium botulin, an organism found in the natural environment. When applied to lines or wrinkles on our face it causes muscles to relax, smoothing them out and creating a youthful and smooth experience.

The treatment is not permanent, and the result will break down over time. Fine Lines Treatment has become one of the most recognisable and sought after anti-aging procedures and this is largely due to the fact it brings with it few risks and remarkable results.



Visable results show from 3 to 10 days. A review appointment will be offered at the Hamilton Clinic. For the highest standard of results we advise booking treatments 3 /4 months apart. This can keep unwanted wrinkles at bay.

Due to the MHRA guidelines The Hamilton Clinic has removed before & after treatment photos. However at your consultation please ask and our GP will share some photos for you to see.